Hamad Port launched new shipping routes on 18 September which will enhance Qatar’s trade connections with various ports in China, India, Malaysia, Turkey and Greece. Both lines will run on a weekly basis. 

Addressing a press conference Director of Hamad Port Abdul Aziz Nasser al Yafei said Hamad Port is set to receive more than 1,000 vessels by the end of this year and about one million TEUs in the same period. He pointed out that the newl inaugurated route is the second direct link between Shanghai and Doha.

He said Hamad Port aims to complete the work of existing ports in the country and represents an important addition to the system of regional and global ports, especially as most of the ports of the region have reached their capacity. Work is underway to make Hamad Port a major point of bringing re-export to the ports of the region.

Yafei said that the new lines will achieve economic gains for the country, especially as China is the largest source of goods in the world, and direct lines with China will increase the volume of exports destined to Qatar, which includes all types of goods and products. He stressed the Port’s commitment to providing all facilities available to companies, and added that the Port is ready to receive all types of shipments from different regions of the world.

Express Service (Yang Ming Line) from Shanghai Port to Hamad Port

The Hamad Port began has launched 15 direct lines so far, that contribute to reducing the cost and shorten the time.

He said Hamad Port, which includes three major container terminals with a capacity of 7.5 million TEUs per year, will play a major role in covering domestic needs of goods as well as contributing to the needs of countries in the region.

Hamad Port’s Inspection System

Image/video credit: Mwani Qatar