United Development Company (UDC), the master developer of The Pearl and Gewan Islands, announced significant advancements in the development of Gewan Island. These exciting developments coincide with UDC’s showcase of Gewan Island, its flagship mixed-use destination at the Cityscape Qatar exhibition at the Doha Exhibition and Convention Center (DECC).

Gewan Island is set to redefine modern living in Qatar, offering an unmatched lifestyle enriched with smart city features and a strong commitment to sustainability. This development not only appeals to discerning investors but also promises long-term social and economic benefits for residents, visitors and businesses.

Development achievements

As of Q3 2023, the Infrastructure Works Package at Gewan Island has made significant strides, including the completion of all dry services, wet services and pontoon works, which are nearing completion. Paving works have commenced at the sidewalks of Island Villas. The overall completion of the infrastructure package is projected for Q1 2024, with the current progress standing at approximately 91%.

In addition, there is noteworthy progress on the Mixed-Use Building Package. New contractors have been introduced to expedite interior finishes, the delivery of apartment kitchen appliances has commenced, and the flushing of main chilled water pipes has been completed.

All main lifts for the 15 buildings have been installed, and façade works for four new buildings have also been finalised, resulting in an overall completion rate of façade works at 50%. The installation of Crystal Walkway shades has commenced, and the commencement of hard and softscape elements for the podium, promenade and road areas is imminent. The completion of all 15 buildings in this package is anticipated between Q2 and Q3 2024, with the current completion rate at approximately 78%.

Gewan 1

The development progress for the Hotel Package, which includes Corinthia Hotel, 18 stand-alone villas, Gewan Golf Club, and Solymar Beach Club, is currently at approximately 26%. Significant achievements have been made in each component of the package.

The Golf Course was successfully completed in 2022 and is now open to the public and members. Gewan Golf Club’s indoor majlis, offering various amenities, is also open to guests and players.

Structural work for the hotel’s main building is on track and will be finished by 2025, with additional work on ramps, the roof slab and clock towers expected to be completed within the same timeframe.

Gewan 2

Architecture finishing work and MEP services have commenced and are planned for completion by Q1 2025. Hotel cladding and façade work are set to commence in 2024, with an expected completion date in the fourth quarter of 2024. The hotel is targeted for full completion and handover by 2025.

Additionally, the 18 beachfront villas managed by Corinthia Hotel have seen structural completion, while architecture finishing work and MEP services are scheduled for completion by Q3 2024. Façade work for these villas is projected to be finalised by Q2 2024, with a target completion and handover date of Q4 2024.

The Solymar Beach Club’s structural work is also complete, with architecture finishing and MEP work in progress, set to be finished by Q3 2024. The bridge connecting the hotel to the Beach Club is expected to be completed by Q1 2024, and the Sea Pool, accessible from the Beach Club, is planned to be operational later this year, with an overall completion and handover date for the Beach Club and chalets set for Q4 2024.

Sustainability considerations

Gewan Island places an unwavering emphasis on sustainability, embodying a multitude of eco-conscious initiatives that are reshaping the landscape of modern living. Notable among these initiatives is the implementation of LED street lighting, a transformative measure that significantly bolsters energy efficiency and sustainability.

This forward-looking approach has already led to a remarkable reduction in annual lighting energy consumption by a minimum of 20%, with the added benefit of a noteworthy decrease in greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.

Furthermore, Gewan Island has introduced a centralised district cooling system, a pivotal step that not only curtails GHG emissions but also serves as a beacon of reduced energy consumption across the island.

Complementing these advancements is a state-of-the-art pneumatic waste management system that actively promotes waste segregation, fostering heightened community awareness and active participation in waste reduction endeavours.

Gewan 3

In pursuit of a sustainable future, Gewan Island takes the concept of sustainability to its core by designating an impressive 90% of project parking spaces as sustainable, providing essential shading that minimises the heat island effect. Cycling enthusiasts are well catered for with the provision of 58 bicycle facilities expertly integrated into the island’s infrastructure, effectively promoting sustainable transportation practices.

One of the standout features of Gewan Island is its meticulously planned pedestrian network. This green open space network, adorned with an array of 70 retail outlets and 31 food and beverage establishments, champions walkability and livability while simultaneously fostering a myriad of social, environmental and health benefits for its residents and visitors alike.

With an astute understanding of environmental concerns, Gewan Island has taken strides to address the urban heat island effect through innovative design choices. These include the implementation of green roofs, thoughtfully selected road and pavement colours, and the strategic integration of lush greenery with buildings and structures, all geared towards mitigating the adverse effects of urban heat.

Moreover, Gewan Island’s strategic location plays a pivotal role in supporting water circulation throughout the area, thereby nurturing a thriving biodiverse ecosystem. In line with these principles, the Island’s 15 mixed-use buildings are meticulously designed to provide ample shading, significantly reducing cooling requirements.

In recognition of these efforts, UDC is set to receive a Global Sustainability Assessment System (GSAS) certification from the Gulf Organisation for Research and Development (GORD) – for sustainable building design and construction, during its participation in Cityscape.

Cityscape Qatar

Within UDC’s pavilion at Cityscape, visitors will find a dedicated space that portrays the company’s resolute commitment to sustainability, aligning perfectly with the expectations of discerning investors.


This commitment extends throughout UDC’s presence at Cityscape Qatar, where the company takes every opportunity to showcase its impressive properties. Crystal Residence serves as a prime model of this commitment, showcasing the pinnacle of modern living. Additionally, visitors can explore enticing retail leasing opportunities nestled within the climate-controlled confines of the stunning Crystal Walkway.

As UDC continues its active participation in Cityscape Qatar, it remains steadfast in its mission to craft a comprehensive, healthy and sustainable lifestyle for the vibrant community of residents, visitors and businesses expected to thrive on Gewan Island. The substantial progress achieved thus far stands as a testament to UDC’s unwavering dedication to delivering a world-class destination that harmonises seamlessly with Qatar’s visionary quest for a sustainable and prosperous future.

Gewan Island

Gewan Island, spanning 400,000 sqm, emerges as an inspiring model of sustainable living, one that epitomises UDC’s commitment to pioneering innovative communities and setting new standards of excellence in real estate development as well as providing a distinctive integrated lifestyle experience.

The Island is characterised by sustainability and smart living features, offering a splendid lifestyle and leisure experience for both visitors and residents. It includes various projects such as Crystal Residence, featuring over 586 residential units distributed across 15 buildings, comprising one to three-bedroom apartments ranging from 90 to 240 sqm, as well as four-bedroom duplex apartments covering 365 sqm.

Additionally, the Island features a range of luxurious amenities, including Gewan Golf Club, Corinthia Hotel, Solymar Beach Club, a clubhouse along with Banana Park, Crystal Walkway shopping district featuring 101 retail units, and another promenade along the waterfront, both equipped with leading air conditioning technology.

Gewan Island Master Plan

For updates and more information about Gewan Island, visit gewanisland.com.  

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