United Development Company (UDC) is set to conduct an engineering study for a new connection road linking The Pearl Island with the rest of Doha, in coordination with the Ministry of Transport and Communications.

This initiative aims at easing traffic congestion linked to the growing number of The Pearl-Qatar’s residents and visitors entering the Island on a daily basis, which is estimated at 30,000 vehicles, counting cars, buses and trucks. This number is expected to rise proportionally with the impending launch of new properties at The Pearl. Equally contributing to the traffic overload, is the ongoing Lusail Expressway and Metro infrastructure works, which make an increase in traffic along the route to The Pearl-Qatar inevitable.

UDC has already commissioned specialised consultants to study feasibility of the project including possible alternative routes to construct the proposed connection with the external road network around The Pearl. The study will also cover modern road traffic control solutions to facilitate entry and exit to the Island.

Currently, the main highway leading to The Pearl-Qatar has eight tracks, four of which are used for entry and four for exit. As per a previous road movement study, this structure of the road was deemed adequate to accommodate traffic in past years. However, based on the new traffic data extracted by UDC through specialized traffic monitoring techniques, an updated study is now needed, to ensure smooth traffic flow is restored especially during rush hours. Findings of this study will be duly announced by UDC in the coming period.

An official media release said:

This study further reflects UDC’s awareness of the severity of the traffic jam situation, particularly during evenings and weekends. Accordingly, the Company hopes to complete the study soon, to complement Qatar’s efforts to develop an integrated road infrastructure across the country, having in mind The Pearl’s strategic position as a recreational and tourist attraction.’