Othman Khunji (MFA in Design, 2015) from Virginia Commonwealth University School of the Arts in Qatar (VCUarts Qatar) in Education City recently won a ’10 Under 10′ award from the university’s home campus in Richmond, Virginia.

VCUarts Qatar Alumnus Wins 10 Under 10 Award from VCU 2
Othman Khunji (middle) with his 10 Under 10 Award

The award recognises noteworthy and distinct achievements made by alumni who earned their first Virginia Commonwealth University degree in the past decade. With the award, Khunji, who is a Recruitment and Admissions Counsellor at VCUarts Qatar, joins the ranks of 40 other alumni who have accomplished success in their careers and within their communities.

According to Kunji, the MFA programme at VCUarts Qatar empowered and enabled him to believe in himself, establish his brand and identity and broadened his creative horizons.

Khunji’s work ranges from product design to interactive, installation design. His works have already appeared in different exhibitions in Doha, Manama, Kuwait, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, London, Paris, Berlin, St Petersburg, and Milan. Among his notable works include the powerful 3D-printed sculptures ‘Inhumane’, which contrasts the relationship between the extreme elements of purity and destruction; and ‘Religious Vanity II’, which contrasts the concept of man and machine-made imperfect constructions with God’s perfect creations.

Khunji is a certified member of Sarpi Bridge Oriental Design Week and an official member of the Milan Fuorisalone Commission. He has worked with local and international organisations such as Studio Banana, VCU, Brown University, King’s College London, French House of Design, and Qatar Museums.

For updates and more information on VCUarts Qatar, visit their website at qatar.vcu.edu.