With the QF partner university set to launch its new BFA in Kinetic Imaging in August 2024, the University’s CCE wing is organising robotics classes for children, alongside its popular Summer Art and Design High School Program.

The Community and Continuing Education (CCE) wing at Virginia Commonwealth University School of the Arts in Qatar (VCUarts Qatar), a Qatar Foundation (QF) partner university, has announced an exciting lineup of summer classes for high school students and children.

This year, in addition to the University’s popular Summer Art and Design High School Program 2024, the CCE wing will conduct a robotics course for younger children. Both courses will take place at VCUarts Qatar’s campus in Education City. 

The Summer Art and Design Program for High School Students is an intensive three-week programme with an optional week of portfolio development classes.

During the first three weeks, students will be introduced to all the fine art degree programmes at VCUarts Qatar, including kinetic imaging, graphic design, interior design, and painting and printmaking. They will then be given a chance to select their field of interest and study it in depth over the remainder of the course.

Students who opt for the portfolio development classes will continue into the fourth week. The aim of the portfolio development classes is to teach high school students the best practices for compiling a portfolio of their creative work, to international standards.

Given that most competitive art and design universities request a portfolio as part of the application process, this course is especially beneficial to those seeking admission into specialised programmes related to art, design, architecture, new media, communications and technology.

The summer programme for high school students will run from 7-25 July 2024. Those who opt for the fourth week of portfolio development classes will continue until 1 August. The classes will take place from 10 am to 1 pm on the specified dates.  

In the past, the high school programmes organised by CCE have inspired participants to pursue undergraduate studies in art and design. Some of these high school students, such as this year’s co-valedictorian Kaltham Al-Fakhroo, joined VCUarts Qatar, distinguishing themselves in academics and extra-curricular activities.  

Rasha Alkasab, Program Manager for Community and Continuing Education at VCUarts Qatar, said, ‘Each summer, our summer course provides high school students an inspiring glimpse of VCUarts Qatar’s diverse academic programmes. Year after year, we see how excited they are as they discover what art and design in the 21st century look like. They express their desire to take their newfound passion for arts and design to the next level, with some of these students eventually joining our University.’

She added, ‘This year, participants in the summer high school programme will be able to explore kinetic imaging through sessions related to moving images, video, GIFs, and creative coding. What’s more, recognising that media and technology appeal to even younger students, we’ve extended kinetic imaging components to our children’s program through Wizbot 101, a robotics programme specially tailored for budding techies between the ages of 10-14.’ 

In ‘Wizbot 101: Navigating with DC Motor Magic’, children will experiment with direct current (DC) motors. Participants will bring miniature robots to life. They will be able to personalise these robots with unique movements and styles, without the need for programming. ‘Wizbot 101’ will run between 14-18 July, from 10 am to 1 pm. 

Further information about fees, course descriptions and tutors for both the high school and children’s programmes are available at https://qatar.vcu.edu/campus-community/community-education/#available-classes

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