Qatar Foundation partner-university’s new programme offers students a chance to study Game Design, Creative Coding, Motion Graphics, Sound Design, and 3D modeling.

Virginia Commonwealth University School of the Arts in Qatar (VCUarts Qatar) a Qatar Foundation (QF) partner university, has announced the start of a new Bachelor of Fine Art in Kinetic Imaging for the new academic year starting in August 2024.

The new undergraduate programme is designed to cater to the growing demand for art and design education exploring new technology and media. Areas of study will include game design, 3D modeling and animation, creative coding (parametric design, generative art, artificial intelligence), sound (sound art, sound design), and interaction design (app design, user interface design).

The new department will collaborate with and receive support from the Kinetic Imaging department at the University’s home campus in Richmond which is ranked number 5 in the new media category by US News & World Report.

Levi Hammett, Chair of the new BFA in Kinetic Imaging programme, said, ‘The jobs of the future will require more than just technical skills and training. Industries such as Game Design, App Design, and the many Cultural Production sectors, will require highly creative individuals who can balance the technical aspects of the disciplines with the design and creative thinking strategies that are key to driving innovation. This new program at VCUarts Qatar will train the next generation of innovative creatives who will be prepared to work in the emerging and high-growth industries that will be at the centre of the creative economies of the future.’

As with other fine art undergraduate programmes at VCUarts Qatar – Graphic Design, Interior Design and Painting + Printmaking – those interested in pursuing a BFA in Kinetic Imaging need to first complete a one-year Art Foundation programme which will teach them critical skills in creativity, artistic practice, and design thinking.

The Bachelor of Fine Arts in Kinetic Imaging is a highly flexible major, offering the opportunity to build a more individualised study that includes other studio and intellectual interests. The programme’s curriculum offers seven area electives and four free electives that provide room for diverse and interdisciplinary learning experiences.

This programme will support a range study and allow students to focus on specific areas of practice within emerging media and technology. The programme will cater to students who want to pursue either design careers in leading industries or artistic careers exploring media and technology. Students who study at VCUarts Qatar in Kinetic imaging will be prepared for industry jobs in game design, motion graphics, app design, and sound design; and/or artistic careers related to coding, robotics, artificial intelligence, virtual and augmented reality, and sound.

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