Virginia Commonwealth University School of the Arts in Qatar (VCUarts Qatar) is now welcoming registration for the second edition of the Summer Art and Design High School Program. The programme runs for three weeks from 4 to 29 July, with an optional fourth week from 1 to 5 August. VCUarts Qatar is a partner university of Qatar Foundation.

This year, the course is to be held online, following COVID-19 safety recommendations from the Ministry of Public Health.

Overview programme

The programme is specifically tailored to provide an overview of the academic degree courses offered by the university and is led by VCUarts Qatar alumni with post-graduate qualifications. The course will also see department chairs present introductions to each pathway.

VCUarts Qatar Highschool Summer Programme 3During the programme, students will be able to design their individual schedules following their needs and preferences. Additionally, they can engage with leading industry professionals who will further explain the careers – and transferable skills – that a major in art and design would open doors to.

The course will consist of three phases. The first phase (one week) – an introduction or foundation module – aims to provide an overview of art and design.

The second phase extends over two weeks, during which participants can choose from four pathways. Each pathway will provide a deeper understanding of one of the four majors or academic programmes that the university offers – Graphic Design, Painting + Printmaking, Fashion Design and Interior Design.

Following this phase, participants can opt for an additional one-week workshop that will teach them the fundamentals of developing a portfolio of their work – an indispensable skill for those applying for higher studies, or eventually, a job.

VCUarts Qatar Community and Continuing Education Program Manager Aysha Alkooheji noted how the programme is an excellent opportunity for anyone contemplating a career in art and design.

The High School Summer Art and Design Program 2021 offers high school students a glimpse into what the university’s four-year degree programmes teach. Whether online or on-campus, it is a highly interactive course, and will run for three hours each day, from 10 am to 1 pm.


Alkooheji said that by participating in the programme, students – especially those unsure of what modern-day art and design studies involve – will gain a clear understanding of the scope and application of each of the four academic specialisations at VCUarts Qatar.

What’s more, they will also have the chance to discuss a question which often weighs on students’ and parents’ minds, ‘what are the future prospects of studying art and design?’, with industry experts.

Alkooheji also said that the course builds on the outlook of VCUarts Qatar that technology-based learning is an indispensable part of the future of higher education – a reality reinforced by the ongoing pandemic.

VCUarts Qatar Highschool Summer Programme 6

Over the last decade, she said that VCUarts Qatar has been incorporating the use of technology across its varied curricula. And hence, are well-equipped to teach the programme online.

Irrespective of whether education continues online, follows a hybrid model, or returns to on-campus classrooms in the future, virtual learning – in one form or the other – is here to stay. And the Community and Continuing Education at VCUarts Qatar is delighted to offer students an opportunity to benefit from it.

More details on the summer programme are available at Queries can be mailed to [email protected] or sent to their WhatsApp number at 3013 3448.

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