A design created by Yara Faraj, an interior design senior student at the Virginia Commonwealth University School of the Arts in Qatar (VCUarts Qatar), a Qatar Foundation (QF) partner university, was selected by Qatar TV for a pop-up studio in the Cultural Village Foundation – Katara. Yara highlights the ‘nuqta’ from the Arabic script in her interior design.

The studio is located on the public promenade adjacent to the beach near Boho Social and the amphitheatre in Katara and will be in place for three to four months.


Faraj’s design was selected from a class-wide cluster of 19 submissions. The submissions were made following a meeting with representatives from Qatar TV, who shared the requirements, purposes, and adjustments the interior had to incorporate.Faraj chose to highlight the ‘nuqta’ as the chief design element. She explained her concept further.

The “nuqta” is an Arabic word that translates to “dot”. It is used in the Arabic script to distinguish between certain letters. I wanted to spotlight it, as it is a beautiful representation of Arabic identity, given its distinctive form unique to the Arabic language and the way it resonates with Qatari culture.

‘I also drew inspiration from the “nuqta” in the QTV emblem while maintaining a modular element to nurture the notion of sustainability in the space. This approach also fulfils the requirement of being able to change the set from one show to another.’

Faraj’s design incorporates black, beige, and dark green as base colours, and uses brass, parquet, acrylic, and boucle fabric.

Sharing her reaction upon being told her design was chosen, Faraj said, It was a surprise! I honestly never expected to see one of my creations chosen, adapted, and brought to life, especially at this stage of my academic journey. It felt like a dream come true. And seeing it built and installed in such a prominent location was a major win. I can’t thank my professors who guided me throughout the entire process, I genuinely believe it would not have been possible without their encouragement and support.’

For more information about Virginia Commonwealth University School of the Arts in Qatar (VCUarts Qatar) please click here, or for more information about Cultural Village Foundation – Katara please visit their website: katara.net

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