Virginia Commonwealth University School of the Arts in Qatar (VCUarts Qatar) will be offering portfolio development classes for high school students during the first semester of the new academic year 2021. VCUarts Qatar is a partner university of Qatar Foundation.  

VCUarts Qatar Portfolio Development Classes 1The classes are a series of in-depth, non-credit sessions for high school students who would like to gain the skills necessary to develop a competitive portfolio of their art and design work for university admissions.

The programme is offered across four different time schedules, providing students with the option to choose a timetable that best suits their individual routines.

Applicants can choose from classes that run during the following periods: on Sundays from 3 October to 21 November; on Mondays from 18 October to 6 December; on Tuesdays from 2 November to 21 December; and on Wednesdays from 17 November to 5 January.

Developing a competitive portfolio

During the course, participants will be exposed to a series of sessions that will teach them the nuances of basic, advanced and observational drawing, the process and application of creative thinking, methods to effectively communicate ideas to an audience, and how to use a camera to document progressive stages of their work.

The classes will be taught by VCUarts Qatar alumni – Yang Soon Ju and Othman Khunji – who will provide personal feedback across various stages of the programme. Students will also have enough time to practice and apply the skills they pick up as they progress along the course.

VCUarts Qatar Community and Continuing Education Program Manager Aysha Alkooheji noted how the relevance of the programme stems from an art or design portfolio being valued as a globally accepted statement of an artist or designer.

A portfolio has become a global requisite not just to gain acceptance into art and design universities, but for professional purposes as well. And, over the years, the process of developing a portfolio has become increasingly technical, complex and competitive.

Realising that most high school students could benefit from learning the skills to develop a competitive portfolio, Alkooheji said that VCUarts Qatar has been offering the course for over a decade now.

Our course is taught by our faculty and alumni who have been working to ensure that participants make the most of these sessions – be it online or in person.

Alkooheji added that in the past, participants benefited from the course by being able to apply the knowledge they acquired for academic as well as other purposes.

For more information about the programme, visit You can also follow them on Instagram, @vcuqatar.cce. 

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