Virginia Commonwealth University in Qatar’s (VCUQatar) 2017 Spring courses are open! The girl’s holiday programme for Arabic speaking girls, ages 10–14, will start on 22 January, and the spring community education programme will follow suit on 29 January.

VCUQatar’s 2017 Spring Community Education and Girl’s Holiday Programs recently opened for online registration.

Delivered three times each year, the community education programme offers a wide range of art, design and craft classes during an eight-week period. As a new addition, there are several craft workshops to choose from, allowing participants to learn new techniques over one or two weekends.

Choices can be made from within course categories such as Photography and Film Making & Editing, Drawing, Painting, Illustration, Fashion, Jewelry, Interior & Graphic Design, Event Design, Computer-Aided Design, and various crafts.

Community classes are mostly open to both genders (ages 15+) and are taught in English. However, a selection of classes are always taught in Arabic, including several classes for children of 15 years or younger. For the Spring 2017 programme, younger audiences can choose from five subjects. Classes start from 29 January onwards.

In addition to the community classes, the Girls Holiday Program will start just in time for the term break by the independent schools. To add more variety to the programme, VCUQatar has partnered with Science Made Fun to offer several ‘ArtSci’ classes together with classes in Painting, Decoupage, and 3D Sculpting. In total, five courses are taught in Arabic over two weeks, for four hours daily to Arabic speaking girls, ages 10-14, with the classes starting from January 22. Classes can be booked individually, in groups, or as a complete programme at a discounted rate.

Online registration for both programmes is open now at and at

People can visit VCUQatar in Education City in person From January 5 onwards and register and pay from Sunday through Thursday from 9am to 12pm and from 1pm to 4pm.