VCUQatar AEB 2015 Awards

Arab Engineering Bureau (AEB) presented the 2015 awards for Creative Achievement and Potential and Design Excellence to two junior and two graduating senior students from Virginia Commonwealth University in Qatar’s (VCUQatar) Graphic and Interior Design Departments during a ceremony held in honour of the students.

AEB’s CEO and Chief Architect Ibrahim Jaidah presented the Arab Engineering Bureau Award for Design Excellence in Graphic Design to Noor Al Thani, and Noha Fahmy for Design Excellence in Interior Design. These awards, granted to outstanding graduating seniors from VCUQatar’s Graphic Design and Interior Design Departments, were instituted eight years ago by Jaidah to encourage and assist graduating students as they start their careers as designers in Qatar and the region. Fahmy said:

As a graduating student, I am very excited to start my career with such a special recognition. It is an honour to be recognised as the recipient of the AEB Award for the second time. As it did previously, this award from Ibrahim Jaidah will be an incentive to set and achieve even higher expectations for myself.’

The recently instituted Arab Engineering Bureau Award for Creative Achievement and Potential was presented to graphic design junior Hazem Asif and interior design junior Mark Bermejo. These awards aim to help the junior students recognize their true potential, create leadership and encourage them to continue developing their skills through their senior year. Asif said:

I am extremely honoured and grateful to receive this prestigious award. I would like to thank the Graphic Design Department and Ibrahim Jaidah of Arab Engineering Bureau for this recognition of my accomplishments and efforts. I feel more committed than ever to work hard and contribute positively towards both VCUQatar and the local design community. The award will hopefully provide me with the opportunity to travel to Shanghai, China this summer to do an internship at Frog Design, a global design and innovation firm. I strongly believe that this internship will provide me with unparalleled motivation to challenge myself as a designer to make strategic decisions in context of living in a different culture and society.’

Jaidah said:

It is my great pleasure to acknowledge, for the ninth year in a row, the young and exceptional generation of designers who have completed their education at Virginia Commonwealth University in Qatar. Since last year, we are also recognising junior students who have demonstrated great potential in design. As a creative individual practicing in the developing State of Qatar, it gives me a great pleasure to see local talent fostered in the local environment; and I am eager to see this young generation grow into practicing professionals recognised in their respective fields. As an architectural and engineering design consultancy firm, AEB is committed to serving the community where our employees live and work by supporting educational programmes, while also serving as ambassadors of local heritage and architecture.’

VCUQatar Dean, Allyson Vanstone, said:

I’d like to congratulate our students on winning these prestigious awards. It is extremely rewarding to know that the knowledge and skills our students are acquiring at VCUQatar are preparing them for these new opportunities on their paths towards their career and life goals. The AEB Design awards are an important recognition of their commitment, and initiatives such as these create a foundation that both inspires and prepares young people to enter and sustain design professions.’

VCUQatar is the Qatar campus of the prestigious Virginia Commonwealth University School of the Arts in Richmond, Virginia. Established in 1998 through a partnership with Qatar Foundation, VCUQatar offers students the opportunity to earn a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in fashion design, graphic design, interior design and painting & printmaking, a Bachelor of Arts degree in art history and a Master of Fine Arts degree in design.

In addition to a comprehensive annual public events programme that includes a wide range of exhibitions, lectures and fashion events, the University hosts the biennial international design conference Tasmeem and the biennial Hamad bin Khalifa Islamic Art Symposium, attracting globally recognised designers, academics and thinkers while fostering sustainable, university-community partnerships that enhance the educational, economic and cultural vitality of Qatar.

Besides the AEB awards, AEB and Jaidah continue to partner with VCUQatar through their participation in Tasmeem Doha, VCUQatar’s biennial international design conference, as well as by offering internship opportunities to VCUQatar students.