• Swift’s ‘I Keep Repeating It Over & Over In My Head’ runs from 27 March to 3 April
  • Hunt’s ‘Liquid Crystal + Polymer’ runs from 10 to 16 April

Virginia Commonwealth University in Qatar (VCUQatar) will host new exhibitions by its two Artists in Residence; Nastassja E. Swift and Gina Hunt over the next three weeks.

The exhibitions, which will be showcased at the VCUQatar Gallery, are the culmination of nine months of work by the two VCUQatar Fellows and they document their experiences as artists working in the Gulf region.

NSwift VCUQatar

The first exhibition, which opened on Sunday 27 March at 6pm and runs to 3 April, is entitled, ‘I Keep Repeating It Over & Over In My Head’ by Nastassja E. Swift. The unusual title of the exhibition refers to the feelings of doubt and anxiety felt by an individual who has been subjected to or experienced racism.

Swift illustrates both the reaction to experiencing racism by showcasing work that fuses memories from her childhood, with fictional responses that depict provocative self-portraits and narratives. Describing her exhibition, Swift said:

I’m interested in those who have the desire to fill the shoes of who is seen as superior, favourable, pure.’

Gina Hunt’s ‘Liquid Crystal + Polymer’ exhibition opens on 10 April at 6pm and runs to 16 April. Hunt was inspired by the digital screens that are used in our daily lives, such as laptops, TVs, mobile phones and other electronic equipment, to create abstract paintings by using coloured, translucent textiles.

GHunt Art VCUQatarHunt said:

I make abstract paintings as an interdisciplinary platform to research the complexities and subjectivity of vision. The temporary nature of patterns paired with the emergence of color through light, are the key visual components of Hunt’s exhibition.

VCUQatar Dean Akel I. Kahera, Ph.D. said:

The cast of objects is a brief but painfully compelling story of Nastassja’s memories. Light and materiality becomes the engine that drives the body of work; Gina exhaustively investigates the subject of color theory which remains an extant discourse.’

During the past academic year, they have worked as artists in residence with students at VCUQatar, taught classes, acted as mentors for VCUQatar students, and provided inspiration to the community. Rhys Himsworth, Director Department of Painting and Printmaking said:

The Artists in Residence Program is a unique opportunity for VCUQatar students to work with and learn from the VCUQatar Fellows during one academic year.’