Hudson Tavern at Mondrian Doha is popular for their insanely delicious burgers. One of my very reliable foodie friend even claimed that their burger is the best in Qatar. That is why when we went there to check out their Friday brunch, it was almost disappointing we were not having burgers. 

Well surprise, surprise! Their latest brunch offering is pleasantly fresh and not-at-all disappointing!

The Viernes Fiesta Loca Brunch features some of the classic dishes of Latin American cuisine. They have Mexico’s guacamole with fresh and hot nachos, Peru’s ceviche, Bolivia’s salteña de carne and of course, the ever-common taco.

Of these starters, salteña de carne and the taco won my vote hands down. The salteña looked dry and not so interesting when served, but once you’ve taken the first bite, you’ll definitely want to hoard all of them. It took me three bites to finish one piece.

Nachos and guacamole
Nachos and guacamole
Salteña de carne
Salteña de carne

Taco, meanwhile, is like Mexico’s version of shawarma – as taco stalls are ubiquitous and can be found everywhere in Mexico, similar to shawarma shops here. You can taste the flavour of the barbecue chicken and it will definitely fill up your craving for juicy smoked meat, spiced just enough to tickle all of your flavour senses.

Chef Pedro 2
Chef Pedro and his skewered grilled meat selection

The star of this crazy brunch is a grilled selection of meats and seafood they call the gaucho platter (Argentina) which comes with some very interesting sides. We especially liked the fried bean sauce – flavourful, meaty and smokey – all at the same time.

Guacho platter 2
The Gaucho Platter

Chef Pedro personally came to serve the grills, carrying a long skewer heavy with lamb chops and all sorts of wonderful smelling meats. He also arranged the meats over a tray of thinly sliced potatoes.

I can feel my tongue slowly spitting Spanish words like frijoles and esquites easily, the flavours converting words like delicious – delicioso and thank you – gracias automatically. 

Churros, deconstructed

The ‘piece de resistance’ or in Spanish, la atracción principal, is the churros, or a deconstructed version of it, served with vanilla ice cream and a serving of chocolate and dulce de leche sauce. Both sauces are heavenly and surprisingly not overwhelmingly sweet. 

We know that Fridays in Qatar are usually meant for rest and leisurely me-time. But if you’d like to have a fiesta just to indulge your cravings for something crazy and meaty and flavourful, this Loca Brunch at Hudson Tavern, is sure to deliver. Bring your fully-vaccinated friends and go have a crazy Friday. We all need it at this time.

The Viernes Fiesta Loca Brunch at Hudson Tavern is available every Friday, from 12:30 pm to 3:30 pm. Call 4045 5999 or email [email protected] to book a table. Please note that COVID-19 restrictions are still in place in Qatar.  

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Author:  Lalaine Sumaray Turqueza

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