‘Gaming Capital’ Virtuocity recently signed a sponsorship agreement with gaming master Ahmad Al Meghessib as part of Virtuocity’s commitment to maintain and expand its support to eSports communities in Qatar and the region.

Virtuocity is keen to provide the eSports sector with the world’s latest technology and a unique experience. According to Virtuocity Center Manager, Stefan Negru, Virtuocity will be the training ground for Ahmad Al Meghessib, providing him with the complete infrastructure that an athlete like him needs.

With this collaboration, we want to show the local community that you can build a professional career in eSports. Video games are not just games, they can be your path to a six-figure career.

Ahmad Al Meghessib

Ahmad Gaming Master
Ahmad Al Meghessib

Ahmad Al Meghessib is a professional football and eSports player who is currently in the Qatari National Team, as well as the PSG eSports team. Since 2015, Al Meghessib has successfully participated in the biggest e-sports tournaments, including the 2017 FIFA Interactive World Cup Qualifiers, and was a winner of the Mini Cooper FIFA Challenge Champion.

Meghessib said that Virtuocity offers the most comfortable and most professional gaming environment he’d ever experienced with its world-class technology.

Whether I’m training for my next event or a major tournament, I need the right environment for preparation, so I can perform at the highest level. I am excited to be part of Virtuocity and look forward to working closely with them.

Leisure Theme Parks

The partnership between Virtuocity and Meghessib was announced at Leisure’s Virtuocity in Doha Festival City. Leisure is the owner and operator of Virtuocity, SnowDunes and Angry birds World, and is the entertainment hub of Doha Festival City.

Earlier this month, Doha Festival City’s entertainment hub reopened as part of the gradual lifting of restrictions on recreational activities in the country. With the opening of these Leisure parks, the entertainment company aspires to bring the best in the industry to customers.

Leisure theme parks are open from 1 pm to 10 pm, Sunday to Wednesday, from 2 pm to 12 am on Thursday and Friday, and from 11 am to 9 pm on Saturdays. All theme parks adhere to the toughest COVID-19 safety measures to ensure visitors can entertain with peace of mind and in the safest of environments. All staff across the theme parks received thorough training and will adhere to safety protocols.

Please note that everyone will be required to undergo a mandatory Ehteraz app checks at the entrance to the theme parks (except children), with only green code holders allowed to enter. Temperature checks will also be carried out at the entrance to the parks, and any individual with a temperature over 38° Celsius will be denied entry. Wearing medical masks will be required as well, and visitors will have to maintain a safe distance of two metres from other visitors.

Theme park employees will oversee that social distancing is maintained at all times. Signs are also in place across the parks to remind visitors of safety protocols. All rides, attractions and infrastructure in the theme parks will be sanitised regularly. Hand sanitising stations are also installed throughout the parks.

For updates and more information, visit dohafestivalcity.com.

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