Ehteraz now allows people without QID to register using their Visa number with its new update on android play store.


The new update of the COVID-19 tracking app has two options on the home screen – “QID Registration” and “Visa Registration”. If you choose Visa option, it will ask for your mobile number, Visa number and Nationality to get the verification pin.

With the latest update, people with business and visit visa can now register on the app.

The government of Qatar has made installing the app on every resident and citizen’s smartphone compulsory when leaving the house. Many commercial and public establishments in Qatar now require green status on Ehteraz app for entry into their premises. Most supermarkets and banks check for green status before they allow customers inside.

Ehteraz has four different colour codes indicating your health status. Green means healthy, yellow is quarantined, grey is suspected and red means confirmed case of COVID-19.