Vodafone announced that it will add 3 new countries to its Vodafone Passport-France, USA and Switzerland, later in August. Existing and new Vodafone Postpaid customers will enjoy a standard roaming rate of 75Dhs per minute/SMS/MB when roaming in these countries.

vodafone-qatarThis is a massive reduction to the regular rates a customer would pay when roaming. For instance, when roaming in France a customer would pay a regular rate of QR 55 per MB while when activating the Passport a customer will only pay 75Dhs.

This comes in addition to the 23 countries already on Vodafone Passport that also enable customers to roam for 75Dhs per minute/SMS/MB; these are: UAE, KSA, UK, India, Egypt, Germany, Turkey, Italy, Australia, Spain, New Zealand, Netherlands, Greece, South Africa, Ireland, Ghana, Romania, Czech Republic, Portugal, Hungary, Iceland, Albania, and Malta.

Vodafone Passport is a Bonus that can be added for FREE to the Postpaid Gold Plan or above. Alternatively, customers can add the Vodafone Passport as an Extra on top of their Postpaid plan for QR50 a month. To activate Vodafone Passport simply call 122 from your Vodafone mobile or visit any Vodafone retail store. For further information visit Vodafone Qatar website.