Vodafone Qatar continues to bring the latest innovations to the market with the launch of Vodafone Push-To-Talk Plus – an advanced mission-critical service that with a push of a button provides instant and secure communication between individuals or groups, powered by Vodafone’s GigaNet nationwide network.

Vodafone Push-to-Talk Plus is a next-generation walkie-talkie like service designed as an ideal solution for construction sites, ports, airports, stadiums, malls, hotels, as well as for all businesses involved in the organisation and operation of mega-events like the FIFA World Cup where groups need to work together with real-time responsiveness.

Ultimately, Vodafone Push-To-Talk Plus enhances operational efficiency, security, employee collaboration and business continuity preparedness.

With Vodafone Push-to-Talk Plus, a simple push of a button allows users to communicate not only with voice but also with video calls, photos and messages. Moreover, in emergency situations, the one-touch SOS mode instantly identifies the user location and notifies the concerned personnel.

Unlike the current basic and costly available technologies in the market, Vodafone Push-To-Talk Plus does not require the set-up of a dedicated network. Instead, the service utilises Vodafone’s state-of-the-art technology infrastructure to provide support for thousands of users without service degradation.

According to Vodafone Business Director Mahday Saad Al-Hebabi, Vodafone Push-To-Talk Plus offers customers a new, secure and efficient technology for organisations demanding instant workforce communications for critical management of their operations.

Vodafone Push-To-Talk Plus is an end-to-end service that features two plans to suit the nature and requirements of different entities, in addition to a choice of compatible handsets.

For more information on the new Vodafone Push-To-Talk Plus, corporate clients can contact their Account Manager or call 4001 0100.

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