As part of Vodafone Qatar’s phase two trial on 5.5G technologies, the company successfully verified 6GHz spectrum using state of the art 128T/R Massive MIMO achieving user speeds of 10+Gbps using 4 carriers of 100MHz each, showcasing the 5.5G capabilities on the 6GHz upper mid-band spectrum.  

The range 6GHz is vital to the future of global connectivity due to its ability to offer high-capacity, city-wide 5G and 5.5G coverage. This achievement marks a milestone in Vodafone Qatar’s technological advancements, demonstrating outstanding performance outcomes and establishing remarkable benchmarks in 5.5G connectivity.

Building on the success of the first phase of the 5.5G trial, the achievements from the second phase promises to deliver extraordinary speed, reliability, and responsiveness, opening doors to a wide array of transformative applications and services. Through these trials, Vodafone Qatar’s sites can potentially have a system capacity of up to 30 Gbps.

Ramy Boctor, Chief Technology Officer at Vodafone Qatar commented, ‘At Vodafone we are dedicated to pushing the limits of technological innovation, empowering both individuals and businesses to flourish in an ever-expanding digital landscape, where connectivity knows no bounds. Vodafone Qatar is a pioneering force in the region’s telecommunications industry, committed to revolutionising connectivity through innovative solutions and unwavering excellence.’

 Through this advanced trial, Vodafone Qatar has demonstrated the potential of the U6GHz spectrum to revolutionise industries and empower societies, introducing the next evolution in wireless connectivity.

The company also achieved 1Gbps+ uplink user speeds during the trial which is essential in supporting use cases of live 8k streaming.

With exceptional data speeds exceeding multiple gigabits per second (Gbps), ultra-low latency, and enhanced reliability, 5.5G sets a new standard in telecommunications technology.

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