Vodafone Qatar has introduced ‘Vodafone Calling’ with Microsoft Teams, a cloud-based telephone system that enables businesses to manage and optimise their communication infrastructure and reduce operational complexities.

By integrating it with Microsoft Teams and Microsoft 365, ‘Vodafone Calling’ ensures seamless business communications from any device, anywhere, setting a new standard for advanced communications and productivity that does not require the need for on-premise hardware.

Managed through a customised portal, the new telephone system provides a centralised, user-friendly platform for users and administrators. It streamlines tasks such as user management, call routing, voicemail configuration, setting rules for call queues and ringing across devices, and much more, all while eliminating upfront infrastructure and maintenance costs.

Vodafone Qatar Enterprise Business Unit Director, Mahday Saad Al-Hebabi, commented: ‘We are proud to be working with Microsoft to be able to introduce this new cloud-based telephone system to our customers. Vodafone Calling with Microsoft Teams enhances infrastructure without major overhauls. This seamless integration unlocks advanced capabilities, leveraging collaboration tools to elevate business communications in today’s evolving digital landscape.’

For more information about ‘Vodafone Calling’, please visit: vodafone.qa/business

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