Warwick Doha announced the appointment of Andrea Guidi as the new Italian Chef de Cuisine of its Italian Restaurant Carisma.  Twenty-five year old Chef Andrea will be at the helm of the Italian restaurant and will also be supporting operation in other food and beverage outlets of the hotel. 

Chef Andrea hails from Pavia, a town in southwestern Lombardy in northern Italy, south of Milan. The area is popular for their Rennaissance structures, and just like the rest of Italy, their cuisine, which is known for their rice dishes (risotto). If his dish presentations come out a little ‘artsy’, it’s probably because of his exposure to those intricate Rennaissance buildings.

He has over seven years of culinary experience in various fine dining restaurants and hotels in Italy, France and the US. His work experience included stints in Michelin-starred restaurants of La Credenza in Torino, Les Bacchanales in France, and Devero in Milano. He managed the Wine & Tigella Restaurant in Miami, USA, and worked as Executive Pastry Chef in Parma’s Albergo della Roccia Hotel.

The new chef will continue with Carisma’s monthly Giro d’Italia promotion featuring dishes from a chosen Italian region, to showcase an Italy beyond the usual pasta and pizza.

Warwick Doha General Manager Marco Saxer is also delighted to welcome the new chef to their fold.

We are pleased to have hired such a young and talented Italian chef for our Carisma. He will add the special Italian touch with his rich experience across Italy. Guests will be delighted to talk and share experiences with him and all of us are already excited to try out his dishes.’ 

First Time to Work in the Middle East

Chef Andrea is working for the first time in the Middle East and is very enthusiastic about his new team at Carisma. He said he wants to further improve the menu offering, with dishes that capture Italy but appeal to an international clientele. Marhaba tried three of his savoury offerings and we were pleasantly surprised.

Burrata Carisma Warwick Doha

Burratina fresca con tartare di Pomodoro e basilica (Fresh Burrata with tomato tartare and basil)
Burrata resembles a ball (but a tasty ball at that), mozzarella cheese on the outside, creamy and smooth on the inside. The contrast of flavours against the fresh tomatoes made for a refreshing appetiser.

Ravioli di patate e funghi con cremoso al parmigiana (Potato and mushroom ravioli with parmigiana sauce)
This is a classic Italian dish and quite similar to the Chinese dumplings, with mashed potatoes inside small, delicate pasta doughs. It made for an ideal first course with its light sauce and tasty mushroom.

Pannacotta al cocco, limone e cremoso al mango (Coconut pannacotta with lemon and mango)
Everyone always look forward to dessert, and we await the sweet offering of the night. Just like the main course, Pannacotta is very much Italian, and Chef Andrea managed to combine coconut, mango and lemon, in one sweet plate of irresistible temptation. We, of course, gave in and were quite happy that we obliged.

Chef Andrea Guidi at Warwick Doha
Chef Andrea Guidi

Our verdict on Chef Andrea? We’ll have to keep it until we’ve tried all his dishes. Until then, Carisma and its young chef will always be in mind whenever we crave for something Italian that is not the usual pizza or pasta.

The Carisma Italian Restaurant is situated on the ground floor of Warwick Doha, open from 6:30 pm to 11:30 pm daily. For reservations and inquiries, call 4456 3352 or WhatsApp 6642 6906.