Forty-nine doctors completed the internationally recognized ILM Level 5 Certificate in Leadership and Management at Weill Cornell Medicine – Qatar (WCM-Q) and Hamad Medical Corporation.

The extensive leadership and mentoring programme is designed to enhance leadership competencies and behaviors for qualified physicians and provides both the practical skills, tools and techniques and the underpinning knowledge to develop the required management skills.

The doctors received their certificates at a ceremony at the W Hotel graced by Dr Javaid I. Sheikh, dean of WCM-Q, Dr Aksam Yassin, the deputy chief medical officer for medical affairs, Medical Staff Office at Hamad Medical Corporation, and Alia Taub, chief executive of Leadership Focus which delivered the course.

Dr Javaid Sheikh said the qualification would allow the doctors to continue their career progression and further healthcare in Qatar.

As medical leaders in your own right, albeit at different stages in your careers, you already know the challenges that hospitals and healthcare environments place on leadership roles. I hope this programme has helped you to overcome those challenges but also to empower you to make the positive changes that may be needed in your workplace, and to lead your teams with confidence.’

Sheikh also noted the importance of empowering their alumni.

Her Highness Sheikha Moza, chairperson of Qatar Foundation, places great importance on empowering our alumni so that along with their education and knowledge, they have the confidence and leadership skills required to make a difference to the nation and I am sure you will be that difference.’

The doctors completed eight modules spread over seven workshops, encompassing the topics: management and leadership styles, performance management, presentation and communication skills, decision making, managing change, emotional intelligence, influencing and assertiveness skills, and coaching and mentoring skills.

The course was jointly coordinated between WCM-Q’s Office of Alumni Affairs and the Office of the Chief Medical Officer at HMC.

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