Weill Cornell Medicine – Qatar (WCM-Q) recently celebrated the 10th Anniversary of its Foundation Programme, created and designed to help students achieve success in the school’s medical programme.

The Foundation Programme was launched by WCM-Q in 2007, specifically to develop the skills of academically gifted students from traditional educational backgrounds who may not be ready for the transition from high school to university. The programme acts as a bridge between high school and university for those who want to study medicine. The celebration was held at Hamad bin Khalifa University Student Centre.

WCM-Q Dean Dr Javaid Sheikh, who spoke during the celebration, said that the Foundation Programme was launched to support Qatari students succeed and realise their full potential.

Weill Cornell Medicine is an Ivy League school and holds its students, faculty, and staff to world-class standards. In order to help prepare talented and motivated local students achieve the school’s exceptionally high standards, we went into local highschools and identified students interested in medical careers. We then created the conditions in which they could learn math, science and English and be prepared for the rigor of the six-year medical programme.’

He said that through the Programme, they also help create additional human capacity within the Qatari healthcare system. The Foundation Programme curriculum comprises courses in physics, biology, chemistry, math and English, but the true lessons that students learn are much more fundamental.

Dr Marco Ameduri, Associate Dean for Pre-Medical Education at WCM-Q, played a central role in the development of the curriculum.

The aim of the Foundation Programme is not just about the dissemination of facts and having students learn information off by heart. We want students to become independent learners, to be curious enough to ask questions, and to have the necessary skills to find answers. We want to instil in them a strong work ethic and have them become life-long learners, seeing the acquisition of knowledge as a journey.’

There are currently 22 students in the 2017/18 Foundation Programme. After successfully completing the Programme, students are promoted to the six-year Integrated Medical Programme at WCM-Q.

For more information about the programme, visit the WCM-Q website at qatar-weill.cornell.edu.