A research group at Weill Cornell Medicine-Qatar (WCM-Q) has received critical acclaim for five of their research papers in recent months, bringing their studies on cancer to a broader audience.

Four of their published articles have been selected as Editor’s Choice by Cancers and Biomolecules – while a fifth was chosen as feature paper in Biomolecules.

Dr Dietrich Büsselberg
Dr Dietrich Büsselberg

Lead principal investigator (LPI), WCM-Q Professor of Physiology and Biophysics Dr Dietrich Büsselberg and his team, Research Associate Dr Samson Mathews Samuel and Research Specialist Elizabeth Varghese, have so far published 13 research papers since June 2019, on how natural compounds, metabolic management and diabetes medications can influence cancer incidence and progression. Funding for the studies has been provided by Qatar National Research Fund (QNRF).

The papers were hailed for the quality of the studies and the benefits they can bring to other researchers within the field.

Click on these links to read the five acclaimed research papers:

For more information about the research programme at WCM-Q, visit qatar-weill.cornell.edu.