Discover what culinary delights await you in Week 3 starting on the 16 October Doha Food Fest: More Cravings by Marriott Bonvoy™.

Doha Food Fest, a month-long celebration of all things culinary in Doha. Spanning across 11 hotels and 30 Doha’s top dining outlets and extraordinary chefs. Enjoy this gastronomic festival with friends and family, and experience specially curated menus, exclusive dining and tasting experiences, cooking classes, and much more. Visit for additional details.

Doha Food Fest Umm Ali Cooking Class
Atrium Lounge, Sheraton Grand Doha

Learn how to create Qatar’s favourite Umm Ali with Chef Hamdi Chaklabakji at the Sheraton Grand Doha Resort in an exclusive cooking class on 19 October. Visit for additional details.

Cuisine: Dessert

Price: QAR190 per person


Doha Food Fest Bedouin BBQ Zarb Dining Experience
Sharq Village, a Ritz-Carlton Resort

Head to Sharq Village, a Ritz-Carlton Resort, for a truly decadent beachside dining adventure, the Zarb Experience, featuring traditionally slow cooked meats, rice, and spices in a bountiful sharing platter.

Cuisine: Bedouin-style BBQ

Zarb Experience – QAR350 per person

Zarb Royal Experience – QAR500 per person

Zarb Decadence Experience – QAR650 per person