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Marhaba brings you weekly podcasts by Doha Heat, a communal podcast set up by Ginger Camel Media

Doha Heat is for every type of individual who currently calls Qatar home, has in the past, or may one day. The interviews are very relaxed and seek to be honest conversations, like the type you might have with a friend over coffee/tea/karak.


This week Doha Heats speaks to Jacinthe Lamontagne.

Jacinthe likes to introduce herself as a Citizen of the World free of labels and says “I’m not an artist”. In the podcast she talks about her photography, art and canvas works within the theme of capturing emotions.

Check out the ongoing exhibition at Grand Hyatt Doha showcasing Jacinthe’s collection Earth Tones, which is inspired by her travels around Asia. The collection will be on display to the public in ‘The Corridor’ until 5 April 2018. More details here.