Doha Learning Days (DLD), the country’s first experiential learning festival organised by the World Innovation Summit for Education (WISE), offers a range of innovative activities for the entire community, including a space for ‘Wellness and Community Activities’.

One of the very popular sessions among youth is ‘Unlearning through Football’, presented by Generation Amazing, the Supreme Committee for Delivery and Legacy’s football for development programme. Student participants get to test their communication and team building skills during a game of football that shines the spotlight on rules they have developed.

There is also The Library of Wonders, presented by Qatar Reads. Students participate in challenging but fun exercises to solve riddles. Youngsters have also been discovering the rich benefits of combining classical music, meditation and self-expression in an expansive art workshop at ‘Pallas Arts, Coloring the Lives of Children’.

The importance of physical fitness is also being highlighted through practical sessions by Crossfit trainers and through talks with athletes and coaches. Yama Yoga meanwhile, is hosting a number of sessions around meditation and wellbeing, while Doha’s Swasthi Yoga are offering classes to help people counteract stress and anxiety.

DLD, which runs until 19 November, is open to the public and the activities and sessions are free-to-attend. For more information on the full programme visit

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