After Qatar Red Crescent’s (QRC) announcement last week of educating more than 2,000 workers about infectious disease as part of their Weqaya Campaign in collaboration with the Supreme Council of Health (SCH), the campaign continues to encompass more than 13 locations across Qatar to raise the awareness against infectious diseases among workers in several companies and factories.

Secretary General of QRC, Saleh Al Muhanadi, said:

Outreach efforts to workers will continue by conducting awareness lectures twice a week to the patients visiting QRC medical centers in the industrial area, Ma’mora, and Expat Medical Center. More than 2,500 workers have been briefed. That makes a total of 3,500 workers until the moment.’

The National Communicable Disease Prevention Campaign ‘Weqaya’ has achieved a groundbreaking success through its engaging activities at work locations. The campaign has reached out to more than 1,000 workers and briefed them on the hazards of infectious diseases and means of protection. To motivate them, ‘Weqaya’ officials have also provided workers with a Personal Hygiene Kit, which includes a tooth brush, soap and other hygienic items. The role of QRC officials was not limited to the distribution of kits, they also trained the workers how to use such items efficiently and informed them about how some minor changes in personal hygiene, would prevent from falling prey to a host of diseases.

The first phase of the campaign aims to raise awareness of nearly 10,000 workers in the New Industrial Zone in health centers operated by the QRC and the Medical Commission units that will be operated by QRC.

The campaign also promotes stakeholder-capacity-building on how to control infectious diseases among expatriate workers and help in conducting relevant research and studies. These efforts will include raising the awareness of expatriate workers and distributing personal hygiene items.

On a different note, QRC’s Weqaya campaign management, in cooperation and coordination with the Supreme Council of Health and Hamad Medical Corporation, is planning to hold training workshops for doctors, nurses and company representatives on the prevention from communicable diseases.

The National Communicable Disease Prevention Campaign ‘Weqaya’ is a three-year programme that aims at the enhancement of both individual and society’s health through raising the awareness of pathogens, prevention techniques, treatment, and a healthy lifestyle.

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