Qatar National Day QND

The West End Park in the Industrial Area is prepared to host thousands of families especially from the Indian and Sri Lankan communities to witness the associated events of Qatar National Day.

As part of the ‘Associated Activities of Qatar National Day Celebrations 2014′, the West End Park open theatre will witness a variety of festivities, entertainment shows and fun activities by Indian and Sri Lankan community teams and school students on 18 December 2014.

A work group meeting was held to assess the arrangements for the programmes at West End Park, which was attended by Sinu Pillai, Naina Waug to represent Indian community and Tharik T. Cassim, A. Liyanage, Hafeel Zubair and Lalith Jayasekara as Sri Lankan representatives.

At West End Park, the Indian and Sri Lankan communities and schools such as Ideal Indian School, Sri Lankan School, Pak Shama and Scholars International School will participate in the celebrations through various programmes.

Associated Activities of Qatar National Day Celebrations 2014 ScheduleThe programmes will start on Thursday 18 December with the national anthem at 8 am by school students, followed by a parade featuring children from each participating school. The schools will showcase Qatari traditions in the thematic parade competition. A Qatar song competition and a general song competition will be held between the schools in the morning session before the communities start performing different cultural and entertainment shows on the stage.

In the morning session, Indian community teams will perform Qatari songs in Arabic by Maharashtra Mandal, Hindi Song by Deepak, Bengali folk Dance by Bangiya Parishad, Arabic Dance by Sargavedi, English Qatar song by Tara Premanand, Fusion Classical Dance by Kodaca and other performances by orchestra team.

Sri Lankan team will perform Sri Lankan traditional dance, songs on Qatar in Sinhala and English, Sri Lankan dance in Kandyan style, general song  in English and in Sinhala and Sri Lankan orchestra song in Tamil.

The programmes of the evening session will begin at 3 pm. The participating schools will compete in a general show, Qatari show and Qatari song in the evening session. The programme will feature songs by Indian community teams in different languages and other events such as classical dance by Indian Culture Dance, Drama on Qatar tradition by Sanskriti, Kolkali by Social Forum, Arabic Dabke dance by Karnataka Sanga, Folk dance by Telugu Kala Samithi, songs by Riyaz and orchestra songs. The Sri Lankan team will perform songs in different languages by community teams and orchestra, classical dance, drama on Qatar hospitality in English, Kaparinya dance, drama on Qatar in Sinhala, Meeduma utharana sanda pane song with dance, Drama on Qatar’s contribution to the globe, Sri Lankan orchestra songs in English, Tamil& Sinhala. There will be folkloric performances, traditional shows, and musical performances by artist at the venue.

The venue is  arranged with praying areas, resting areas for families, emergency medical services, and other necessary services for the public. Volunteers will be on duty for the smooth running of the event from 6 am to 10 pm.

The schools winning first, second, third and fourth will be awarded QR7,000, QR5,000 and QR3,000, QR2,000. As well, the winner of the tug of war competition will be awarded QR2,500 and the runner up QR1,500. The prize money for running race is QR1,500, QR1,000, QR500 for each of companies, schools and communities.