If a person is suspected of having contracted the disease, he or she will be placed under observation for 14 days in a ‘guest house’. According to the Ministry of Public Health’s educational materials on coronavirus, this private room comes with facilities including wi-fi, laundry services and three square meals. 

‘We hope to make your stay at the guest house facility as comfortable and enjoyable as possible,’ the ministry says in the material.

The facilities at the guest house include single room with a private toilet, free wi-fi, refreshments, and three meals per day. All meals will be offered by Hamad Medical Corporation Catering Department, as per the person’s preferences.

Immediately after a case is confirmed, the Health Protection and Communicable Diseases Control staff will determine whether the contact is ‘high-risk’ to go to quarantine or low-risk to self-monitor.

High risk exposure contacts will be monitored by public health department at a quarantine facility. Low risk contacts should self-monitor for symptoms and avoid social contacts. They can home quarantine with particular criteria – the person occupy a well ventilated single room, or if a single room is not possible, maintain a distance of at least 1 metre from other household members, minimising the use of shared spaces and cutlery and ensuring that shared spaces (kitchen, bathroom) are well ventilated.




Contacts will be followed up for the duration of the incubation period (14 days) from the last time they were exposed to a COVID-19 patient. For the group of people who are repatriated from areas with high prevalence, they should be followed up for 14 days from the time of leaving this area.

Daily follow-up of persons quarantined will be conducted within the quarantine facility for the duration of the quarantine and will include daily body temperature and symptom screening. Groups of persons at higher risk of infection and severe disease may require additional surveillance for chronic conditions or specific medical treatments.

Source: MoPH