As the new Residence Permit Card is as a proof identity of the expatriate resident and his valid residency in the country it shall be carried by the expatriate resident all the time and should be produced at the concerned authorities as and when demanded, especially while leaving the country and coming back to the country.

The new Residence Cards involves the abolition of Residence Permit (RP) stickers in passports and the current Identification Card (ID) card; therefore, the Residence Card will be a combination of both the RP and ID card into one card. The new cards will be the only valid ID cards for the resident expatriates in Qatar for proof of identity as well as residence validity.

If someone loses it while coming back to Qatar from abroad or do not carry it while entering the country, In that case, Ministry  of Interior – Qatar gives the below guidelines.

  • If the resident returning from abroad to Qatar, didn’t exceed permitted limit of six months to stay outside the country, he will be allowed to enter the country with a return visa issued directly at the port of entry without resorting to employer. His Residence Card will be marked as lost in the immigration system.
  • If the resident has exceeded six months stay outside the country, he will be required to get a return visa processed by his employer/sponsor to enter the country and the resident shall sign an undertaking not to repeat it. His Residence Card will be marked as lost in the immigration system. In this case, if the resident it not getting a return visa processed by his sponsor/employer, he will referred to concerned authorities for violating Residence Law No. 4/2009, and accordingly legal measures will be taken.
  • At any case, he should have a valid passport and validity of his residence permit shouldn’t have expired. We remind all residents on the importance of keeping your Residence Card and Passport especially while entering and exiting the country.

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