The World Innovation Summit for Education (WISE) has unveiled the theme for its 2021 summit, which aims to give voice to the generation that has borne the brunt of the biggest disruption to education in recent history.

The event, which will take place in Doha and virtually from 8 to 9 December, is titled Generation Unmute: Reclaiming Our Future Through Education.

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Empowering youth to build a better future

For the past 18 months, the young and the unprivileged have seen their daily lives upended. Billions have been kept out of school, while others continue struggling to transition to the workplace. WISE 2021 is committed to empowering today’s youth so that together, we can build a better future tomorrow.

According to WISE CEO Stavros N Yiannouka, the WISE 2021 Summit continues its long-standing commitment to serve as a global platform for educators, decision-makers and influential experts from Qatar and around the world to come together to rethink and build the future of education.

We are very excited to announce the theme for this year’s edition of WISE, Generation Unmute: Reclaiming our Future through Education.

This overarching theme signifies the indispensable role of a demographic that has been largely silent on education amid the ongoing disruptive tremors caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

He said that the past year has created many unprecedented challenges and even exacerbated pre-existing ones which have posed a threat to education systems.

It is time to address these challenges by answering urgent questions about the role of education and its capacity to support the way we navigate disruption. The voice of the youth is paramount to achieving this and we cordially invite you all to join us here in Doha, digitally or in person.

We need to build back better

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused the greatest global disruption since World War II and education has not been spared. It is not enough to build back, we need to build back better. This starts with listening to the concerns and aspirations of the youth: their insights into their own education and their views on the world.

We are talking about a young generation that goes on school strikes to protest the inaction of governments regarding climate change, a generation that uses social media to voice their aspirations for greater social justice and equality, a generation that is globally unsatisfied with its education.

As the world looks hopefully ahead to the end of the pandemic and discusses change, the voices of the young and underprivileged are conspicuously absent from the conversation. It’s time to make things right. It’s time to listen to this generation and fully harness their energy and enthusiasm to address the multiple crises facing our societies so that together, we can reclaim our future. It’s time to unmute.

More details about the programme, the speakers and the special features of the 2021 edition will be shared on and on their social media accounts. Follow them on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn for regular updates about the summit. 

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