The World Innovation Summit for Education (WISE) has partnered with RoboTerra, a robotics company for children, to organise the second Curiosity Conference on Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Education, and to help bring education expertise from Qatar and around the world to a Silicon Valley audience.

The conference included a roundtable discussion on human relationships with technology through ‘speculative’ storytelling, using imagination to explore issues and opportunities of emerging technologies on educational systems in the future. The discussion brought to light the inequities in communities struggling to keep up with changing technology, and the factors that inhibit their progress.

According to WISE CEO Stavros Yiannouka, they are in the early stages of identifying how technology can work with education, and where to ‘nudge’ technology to create a more promising future.

The Curiosity Conference also featured a variety of panels, workshops and discussions about designing ethical and inclusive technologies, education in the AI era, rethinking learning systems, and ‘re-skilling’ for an AI future. Steve Jurvetson, Managing Director and Founder of Future Ventures, also shared ideas from SpaceX, a private American aerospace manufacturer and space transportation company. He mentioned plans to launch a worldwide broadband to help emerging communities significantly improve development and quality education.

Also as part of their trip to the US and ahead of the Curiosity Conference, WISE participated in the 25th International Economic Forum of the Americas in Miami and the ASU GSV – the world’s leading education and workforce summit in San Diego. They concluded the tour at the Comparative and International Education Society Conference in San Francisco, where they presented the WISE research on secondary education in West Africa.

The US tour provided WISE with valuable insight into educational innovations from Silicon Valley, as well as from other innovation hubs in the country. These topics will contribute to discussions at this year’s WISE Summit in Doha in November.

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