The World Innovation Summit for Education (WISE) will be holding the Doha Learning Days (DLD) – the country’s first experiential learning festival – from 14 to 19 November in Education City.

Designed to be a space for incubation and a catalyst for innovation in education, the DLD festival will offer the community unique opportunities for active and experiential learning and reflection ahead of the global summit which will follow a week later.

Doha Learning Days 

In collaboration with more than 50 local partners and innovators, DLD will be held in the lead up to the WISE Summit, and will include activities that range from coding labs, wellness master classes, sensorial experiences, drumming, photography exhibitions and workshops, leadership master classes, hands-on science classes, to LEGO Serious Play sessions, and many more.

Doha Learning DaysAccording to WISE CEO Stavros N Yiannouka, they focus on dialogue and conversation and reflect on their commitment to take the summit into the heart of the community, where learners and educators can gain from efforts to link education and innovation, to help them build thriving societies.

He also discussed the overall vision of WISE and acknowledged the role that initiatives like DLD play in the educational enrichment of the community.

We are very proud and extremely grateful to have like-minded partners by our side for this year’s WISE Summit and Doha Learning Days.’

Dr Ibrahim Al Naimi, Undersecretary at the Ministry of Education and Higher Education, emphasised the importance of partnerships with initiatives such as WISE.

The WISE Summit reflects the importance that our wise leadership places on education, and its persistent commitment to its development.’

WISE is supported by local key stakeholders ExxonMobil, Qatar Rail and the Ministry of Education and Higher Education.

ExxonMobil Qatar has a national plan in place to help advance education in Qatar – particularly in the areas of science, technology, engineering and math (STEM), also in collaboration with key community partners in Qatar.

Qatar Rail meanwhile, also stressed their commitment to developing education in Qatar. They said that they aim to encourage students to be creative, innovative and link theoretical concepts and general knowledge with practical skills.

We seek to introduce students to the railway industry, which will pave the way to the future development of national capacities in this new area.’

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