The World Innovation Summit for Health (WISH) signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Mental Health Friends Association ‘Weyak’, to establish a cooperative framework to promote sound mental health in Qatar. 

Weyak is a national volunteer association based in Doha, focused on fostering understanding mental health issues, involved with outreach activities within the local community and the Arab world. The agreement will allow the two organisations to exchange ideas and information on mental health issues on various platforms online and within community events. It will also help WISH and Weyak expand networks and be more visible in Qatar. 

Weyak Executive Director Mohammed Albinali said they are delighted to collaborate with WISH and Qatar Foundation and hope that through the MOU and through their cooperation with WISH, Weyak will be able to contribute to the future of Qatar.

The collaboration aims to maximise outreach to a wider community base that will also enable WISH to carry out research, surveys and disseminate policy and research reports. WISH will partner with and support Weyak at its key mental health events, and utilise Weyak’s network and expertise within the community to jointly develop support groups for caregivers and people with mental health issues.

WISH has a longstanding commitment to raising awareness on the issue of mental health and developing evidence-based research to address related policy challenges, such as dementia and autism. 

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