The World Innovation Summit for Health (WISH), an initiative of Qatar Foundation, is set to host an art exhibition – titled Artistic Dimensions to a Healthier World – at the Fire Station on 2 to 27 October.

Award-winning British documentary photographer Giles Duley
Award-winning British documentary photographer Giles Duley

The exhibition will explore the relationship between art and health, showcasing work by Giles Duley, an award-winning British documentary photographer, who strives to highlight the long-term impact of war. The exhibition will also include a display of artwork produced by refugee Rohingya children, as part of a project by UK-based humanitarian charity, Save the Children.

Duley’s indoor collection – ‘Iraq: An Open Wound’ – depicts healthcare and rehabilitation efforts by health charity in Mosul, EMERGENCY, while his outdoor exhibit – ‘Disability and Armed Conflict’gives insight into the lives of people with disabilities during armed conflict. These stories have special meaning for Duley, who lost both his legs and left arm after stepping on an explosive device in Afghanistan in 2011, whilst on photographic assignment to document the horrors of war.

Duley said that the price he paid for doing his work was huge, but the gift he received in return, according to him, it’s equal.

I understand these stories in a way no other photographer could.’

He stressed the importance of photography as an ‘honest’ artform that permits insight into other’s worlds.

There is no point in taking a photograph if I do not do all I can to make sure the whole world sees it. That is where my duty lies.’

WISH CEO Sultana Afdhal explained how the exhibition grew from the organisation’s 2018 report, Healthcare in Conflict Settings’, which recommended increasing public awareness through events and educational activities.

By bringing the exhibition to the heart of the artistic community in Qatar, we hope to raise awareness of the devastating effects of war and violence, particularly on the most vulnerable during times of conflict: our children.

We are thrilled to be showcasing Giles Duley’s photography and we are delighted to give people the opportunity to learn about some of the tremendous work that Save the Children is doing with the child victims of the Rohingya crisis. We are striving to involve every part of the community in Qatar. We encourage people to come and participate in our workshops and talks at the Fire Station, and to use the exhibition to enrich our perspectives through this thought-provoking exhibition.’

The exhibition features a full programme of events for schools, universities, healthcare professionals, and art and photography enthusiasts. Activities open to the public include an art therapy session organised by members of Save The Children team working with refugees in Cox’s Bazar on 2 October, 6 pm to 8 pm; and a photography workshop hosted by Giles Duley on 10 October, 6 pm to 8 pm. Duley will also lead a public talk detailing his personal story at the Fire Station Cinema on 8 October, 6 pm to 8 pm.

All activities are free. For more information, or to register to any of the events, visit

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