Qatar Aircraft Catering Company (QACC) is collaborating with local Qatari charity Hifz Al Naema, to redistribute surplus food and beverages to good causes in Qatar. This collaboration is expected to result in redistribution of at least 200 – 300 kg of food and beverage everyday, including whole fruits, cereals, soft drinks, yoghurt and chocolates.  

Hifz Al Naema was established in 2008 and the first food bank to open in Qatar. The programme began with collecting surplus food from festivals, weddings and hotels and has since expanded to collecting and distributing surplus clothing, furniture, electronic devices and other appliances.

QACC Senior Vice President Michael Winner, said they are delighted to partner with Hifz Al Naema.

At QACC, we are continuously looking at ways to reduce waste and ensure an optimal food and beverage service to all our clients. This partnership ensures any unserved meals or unopened items will be redistributed to support those in need in our local community and reduce wastage at landfills.’

Hifz Al Naema Public Relations Officer Youssef Al Khulaifi, said they are proud to partner with QACC.

Given the enormous scale of their operations, the redistribution of their surplus food and beverages will have a significant impact on those in need in our community. We hope this new collaboration, will shine a spotlight on this worthy cause and encourage other governmental and private sector organisations to partner with us.’

Launched in August 2002, QACC is the sole catering company exclusively providing in-flight catering for Qatar Airways, international airlines, hub lounges, Amiri and ad hoc VVIP flights of Hamad International Airport. Spanning 69,000 square metres, QACC is one of the world’s largest self-contained catering facilities. QACC prepares an average of 175,000 meals and 60 international cuisines per day.

Since its establishment, Hifz Al Naema has distributed more three million meals to people in need. Hifz Al Naema partners and collaborates with many organisations and institutions across Qatar including hotels, private events, and restaurants to achieve its vision.

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