A 3-day workshop on money laundering and drug trafficking, organised by Drug Enforcement Administration under Ministry of Interior started at DEA headquarters on Monday 25 August 2014, in association with U.S Drug Enforcement Administration.

The workshop would discuss extensive topics including money laundering and drug trade, different stages of  money laundering and terrorist financing, financial investigation, sources of money laundering, field monitoring and delivery monitoring etc.

Top experts and officers from U.S DEA office in Dubai, who are specialised in drug enforcement and drug trafficking fields will give their lectures in different sessions.

Head of the Studies and International Affairs Section of Drug Enforcement Administration Capt Muhammad Abdullah Al Khater said that the workshop was aimed at strengthening the capacity of the participants from  various search and investigation departments, such as DEA,  Preventive Security Department, and CID, in their operations on search and investigation on money-laundering.

He added that money laundering is interconnected with drug related crimes as the drug is the main source of their funds. These studies and experiences would contribute to their services to keep Qatar and its people safe and secure. The permanent cooperation with the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration would support with expertise and global experience of the trainers in the field of combating these crimes.

The workshop will be concluded on 27 August 2014.