The World Aquatics Championships – Doha 2024 concludes with a heartfelt tribute to its devoted volunteers, whose commitment and energy in support of nine pivotal roles have been essential to the event’s triumph.

Adapted to their respective duties, volunteers obtained general and specialised training in areas such as sports and venues, event services, planning, security, marketing, communications, media, broadcasting, corporate support, and protocol.

Qatari residents and nationals alike competed for the limited number of 700 volunteer positions, participating in a thorough screening process that assessed approximately 3,900 candidates. The selected volunteers come from a mixed range of backgrounds, representing nations such as India, Sudan, Egypt, the Philippines, Pakistan, and more. This cohort, which comprises individuals aged 18 to 70, exemplifies exceptional diversity while maintaining a steadfast dedication to excellence and inclusiveness.

Devendra Shah from India, an outstanding figure of leadership, has been selected as a pioneer, guiding and motivating other volunteers. His journey from volunteer to the Volunteer Committee’s leader highlights the ample growth opportunities available within the volunteer community. Devendra said;

‘Volunteering for the World Aquatics Championships – Doha 2024 has been a fantastic adventure filled with friendship and purpose. Being designated as a Pioneer and serving as a representative of the Volunteer Committee is a genuine privilege. I have faith in the influence of community and service, and I am appreciative of the chance to make a meaningful contribution to this significant occasion.’

The General Director of the Local Organising Committee (LOC), Mr. Khaleel Ibrahim Al Jaber, expressed his deep gratitude, sharing:

We want to take a moment to sincerely thank all our volunteers. Your dedication and commitment have truly been the backbone of the World Aquatics Championships – Doha 2024. Your tireless efforts and passion for excellence have not gone unnoticed. We are genuinely honoured to have had the privilege of working alongside such incredible individuals as yourselves. Today, we are proud to share our recognition of your outstanding efforts.’

As the championships conclude on Sunday 18 February, volunteers will receive certificates in recognition of their service, cementing their place as an integral part of the event’s legacy. Looking ahead, plans are underway to establish a volunteer platform, ensuring a lasting connection among volunteers and offering opportunities for continued engagement in future world-class sporting events hosted by Qatar.

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