Doha British School Al Wakra celebrated World Book Day this week, with teachers choosing a theme for their class and the whole school paying tribute to books, authors and reading. 

The students have been reading books by particular authors, studying them, learning about their characters and choosing from one of these characters to dress up as, on World Book Day. Aside from the dress up, DBS Al Wakra also had other activities during the day –  buddy reading with other classes, reading challenges, word hunt competitions, and the annual favourite – the World Book Day Parade.

DBS Al Wakra promotes and instils a love of reading in children from very early age. All children from Pre School to Secondary have regular access to the well-stocked school library. Teachers read to their class everyday and parents listen to their children read at home as part of their daily homework.

The school wants children to enjoy reading and read for pleasure because this will make academic reading tasks less daunting and more enjoyable. Reading also widens their vocabulary, proven to improve the quality of writing, develop knowledge and understanding of the real world, and spark imagination and creativity.

Nazly Khan, Head of DBS Al Wakra Primary School said reading books open the individual’s mind to thousands of new ideas, information and inspiration.

When a child learns to read, they can take control of their learning and become independent in their quest for knowledge. If you only have time to do one thing with your child today – listen to them read, read to them or share a book together.’

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