The celebrations held under the theme “Civil Defence, Latest Information Technology and Media”, was attended by Brig Aman Saad Al Solaiti, Asst Director General of Civil Defence along with directors and officers from civil defence and other departments of Ministry of Interior.

Brig Aman Saad Al Solaiti stated that this occasion would emphasise the significant role of the civil defence personnel in preserving the lives and properties, sacrificing their lives for the safety of others.

He added that the theme of this year’s celebration meant the development in the use of most modern facilities and equipment for rescue operations as the ministry is keen to update its cadres with all modern communication devices to respond at the earliest along with preparing all civil service centres in the country with the latest devices.

The Civil Defence had held various activities that helped to extend its communication and cooperation with other civil establishments and authorities in order to raise awareness and ensure security.

A film was shown in the event to showcase the services and operations of the Civil Defence that shed light to the development of the authority in electronic and technology sectors.

One of the participating companies presented a special programme that displayed several modern technologies used by the civil defence team such as a simulator for training in the use fire extinguishers to douse the blazes as well as in other various fields of training.

Another company displayed a moving chair specially designed for senior citizens and people with special needs that can be used at emergency situations and during fire incidents.


Later on the Civil Defence team in collaboration with Omar bin Al Khatab Independent School performed a special drama that depicted the negative behaviours of some youths and their negative effects.

Brig Aman Saad Al Sulaiti honoured a number of public and private agencies who supported the Civil Defence as well as the students of the school.

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