Qatari high school and college students who love science are invited to apply for a summer research internship at Weill Cornell Medicine-Qatar (WCM-Q).

Applications are now open for the WCM-Q Research Internship for National High School Students, offered as a two-week or four-week programme that earns participants 50 to 100 volunteer hours.

Applications are also open for the WCM-Q Research Internship for National College Students, which is offered as a four-week or eight-week programme and teaches both laboratory skills and research management skills. Both internships are part of the Biomedical Research Training Programs for Nationals at WCM-Q.

WCM-Q launched its biomedical research programme in 2009, with a stated focus on diseases that are prevalent in Qatar and the region, like diabetes and obesity. It has since then gone from strength to strength, with its researchers publishing over 1,000 scientific papers in some of the world’s leading research journals.

WCM-Q Training programme 2Qatari high school and college students are invited to apply for the summer internships in the college’s laboratories as part of WCM-Q’s outreach programmes and its ambition, under the Qatar Foundation umbrella, to increase local, homegrown research capacity in Qatar. WCM-Q is an overseas location of Cornell University, an Ivy League school.

The training programmes offer students the chance to learn key research skills and to work alongside world-class professional scientists to tackle major scientific problems of high significance. These internships provide Qatari nationals with valuable opportunities to learn new skills and take the first step towards successful careers in science and research.

The internships also give Qatari nationals the chance to be part of Qatar’s ongoing mission to diversify its economy, which has seen the country establish itself as a key regional scientific and educational hub in recent years. This training programme is supported by the Biomedical Research Program, which is funded by Qatar Foundation.

Deadline for application for both the Research Internship for National High School Students and the Research Internship for National College Students is on 7 May 2020.

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