Travel to Asia and have a taste of its rich flavours every Monday at Aramede Restaurant of Crowne Plaza Doha – The Business Park. Guests can find themselves eating their way through South, Southeast and East Asia with the different curries as well as salads, breads, dips, mains and desserts.

The main stars of the evening are, of course, the curries – all expertly prepared by the team of chefs hailing from these regions. The recipes are those of their grandmothers and mothers, the first dish they learned to cook while growing up. Others are inspired by their passion for creating something that tastes and looks delicious. Whatever the story behind each masterpiece, one will find in between tastes and traditions an unforgettable sensory experience.

The cuisines from each region are characterised by the level of spiciness, raw ingredients and way of preparation. The South Asian Cuisine from the Indian subcontinent uses turmeric and cumin to make curries that give the rich colour and aroma. Also known as Desi Cuisine, the dishes are flavoured with various types of chillies, peppers, other strong herbs and flavoured buttered ghee. Known for its strong aromatic flavours of sweet, spicy, salty and sour, South East Asian Cuisine uses citrus, lemon grass, tamarind and fish sauce as the main ingredients. Most dishes are prepared stir-fried, boiled or steamed. East Asia has a culinary tradition that can be traced back over thousands of year. The cuisines are known for the direct simplicity of its dishes, as well as the striking beauty of their final presentation. Freshness is key and light, healthy meals with a bold punch of flavour are the norm.

The buffet starts with a healthy selection of greens including the spicy yet refreshing Indonesian chicken salad, gin thoke or Burmese ginger salad that can serve both as an appetiser and a palate cleanser, Thai mango salad with prawns, red chilli and mint that bursts with sweet and tangy flavours and chukka wakame or seaweed salad.

You can also pair your rotis, chappattis and parathas with the selection of Indian salads like aloo anardana made of potatoes and pomegranate and the creamy yoghurt dahi wada.

Curries include Thai Duck Red Curry, Thai Shrimps in Green Curry, Sri Lankan Chili Pepper, Japanese Beef Kare, Aubergine Curry with Lemongrass and Coconut milk, the fish simmered in caramel sauce or Vietnamese Ca Kho To, and the Singaporean Crab Chili.

Desserts are made in-house. Hits from Thailand are the khao niew mamuang or sticky rice with mango doused with coconut milk, studded with ripe mango and the Thai pancake, a popular peddled sweetbread in the country. Also in line are gulab jamun, one of India’s most popular sweets made of thickened milk soaked in rose flavoured sugar syrup and the jalebi that has a sweet and citric taste. Chai is also served to every table; this mildly-sweetened drink resets the palate and serves as a perfect end to this gastronomic food journey.

The World of Curries at Aramede Restaurant is every Monday from 6 pm to 11 pm. Other themed nights: Italian Night every Tuesday, Arabic Night every Wednesday and Seafood Night every Thursday.

For more information or reservations, call 4408 7788.