Qatar Foundation Logo_QF LogoQatar Computing Research Institute (QCRI) and Boeing [NYSE:BA] will co-host a Machine Learning and Data Analytics Symposium (MLDAS) in Qatar this week from 3 to 4 March 2014 in Doha’s Tornado Tower.

The symposium will focus on various applications, recent advances and new solutions in the fields of machine learning and data analytics.

Highlighting the significance of this growing field, Dr Mohammed J Zaki, Principal Scientist at QCRI and co-chair of MLDAS, said:

Mining big and complex datasets has become a critical business and scientific necessity in all fields of study from social networks and digital humanities to bio and health-informatics. QCRI is spear-heading cutting-edge fundamental and applied research in this area, as exemplified by the symposium. We have a very exciting programme with prominent machine learning and data mining speakers invited from academia, industry and government as well as a set of high quality research highlights from both external and internal research groups.’

MLDAS brings together some of the world’s top researchers and practitioners in machine learning and data analytics, which are two of the fastest growing areas of computer and data sciences. The two-day symposium will offer attendees the opportunity to learn about some of the latest advances in how massive amounts of data are being applied through predictive techniques to enable optimal decision-making, improve business performance and facilitate scientific discovery.

The symposium serves as a platform for the exchange of ideas, the identification of important and challenging applications, and the discovery of possible synergies. The programme features a broad series of high profile presentations, panel discussions, research highlights and poster sessions to be delivered by invited and contributing speakers.

International experts from industry, academia and government will discuss case studies on topics including the application of data analytics and machine learning for social good, aid disaster response, understanding complex social networks, improving medical treatment and healthcare, and advancing aviation safety.

Presentations on the techniques and approaches necessary to achieving a higher level of learning precision and addressing large scale storage needs will also be delivered at the forum.

Dr Dragos Margineantu, a Boeing Technical Fellow and co-chair of the symposium, said:

Our main goals for this symposium are to explore revolutionary data analytics approaches and to drive their application on tasks that generate large amounts of data. New approaches and ideas will be shared and exchanged, making the symposium a reference point for future discoveries and results in different areas of applied technology and sciences, ranging from aviation to medicine and from biosciences to marketing.’

Boeing Research & Technology’s Data Analytics group has a long history of innovating and integrating data analysis technologies into Boeing products to improve its processes. By establishing relationships with universities and research institutes like QCRI, Boeing also leverages emerging technologies in the global community.

As a principal constituent of Qatar Foundation Research and Development, QCRI is one of three national research institutes established by Qatar Foundation for Education, Science and Community Development, focused on tackling large-scale computing challenges that address national priorities for growth and development.

Headquartered in Chicago, Illinois, US, Boeing is the world’s leading manufacturer of commercial jetliners and defence, space and security systems. Boeing Research & Technology collaborates with customers, suppliers, universities and R&D agencies throughout the world to provide a broad base of innovative and affordable technologies for Boeing’s business units.

For more information, visit Qatar Computing Research Institute’s website, Boeing’s website or MLDAS’ website