Weill Cornell Medical College – Qatar (WCMC-Q) has endorsed a series of lifestyle tips that can help individuals avoid chronic non-communicable diseases such as heart disease, Type 2 diabetes and hypertension.

Speaking as part of WCMC-Q’s nationwide awareness campaign, ‘Sahtak Awalan: Your Health First’, Dr Ravinder Mamtani, the college’s associate dean for global and public health, said: ‘What we have learned from studies of other high income, developed countries such as those in Europe and North America, unhealthy life style choices lead to serious illnesses as people age. I’m referring to habits like smoking, lack of physical activity, stress and making poor dietary choices.’ Similar trends are also being observed in middle income nations.

Your Health First is a five-year multi-stage campaign run by WCMC-Q in association with the Supreme Council of Health and in strategic partnership with Supreme Education Council, Qatar Petroleum, Occidental Petroleum of Qatar Ltd (Oxy Qatar), ExxonMobil and Vodafone Qatar. The initiative aims to educate both the Qatari and expatriate communities so that they can make informed, healthy lifestyle choices.

The Qatar STEPS survey of chronic disease risk factors in the country, carried out by the Supreme Council of Health between March and May 2012, revealed a pattern of unhealthy lifestyle choices among Qataris. Drawing data from 2,496 adults, the survey found that 45.9% of respondents exhibited low levels of physical activity, while 71.3% were not engaging in vigorous forms of activity.

A total of 91.1% of respondents did not eat the recommended five portions of fruit and/or vegetables each day and 70.1% were overweight, while 41.4% were obese. 

Weill Cornell Medical College in Qatar recommends the following health tips in order to reduce the risk of acquiring chronic non-communicable diseases:

  • If you smoke, give up
  • Combat obesity through diet/nutrition and physical exercise
  • Take time to de-stress

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