The Youth Hub Qatar (YHQ), a platform for younger people to connect, interact and socialise established by The Youth Company (TYC), will be hosting a workshop for the younger Arab women on Education and Learning which is schedule to hold on 24 May 2014.

The event will be presented by Abeer Heider, professor of Arabic in Qatar University and it aims to focus on the importance of providing younger people with the right tools to increase their learning abilities and motivation.

Education is being reshaped in many ways for both students and teachers, all pointing to one direction; providing the younger generation with a climate of possibilities. The workshop which will be delivered in Arabic will provide younger Arab women with plenty of opportunities to understand how education is evolving while focusing on the importance of time management and study tips. Students often experience a lack of interest and motivation about education which instead represents one of the main important aspects ensuring progress in Qatar’s evolving society.

A professor of Arabic at the Qatar University, Abeer Heider, is a hopeful person who believes in the importance of nurturing young minds to ensure a positive growth in the society. She said:

When I first heard about Youth Hub Qatar, I was pleased to discover an organisation addressing youth difficulties and needs…Being in contact with students from different parts of the world, I realised younger people are nowadays facing complication concerning education and learning, especially young women. My aim is to provide them with a positive environment, helping them overcoming their difficulties and improving their knowledge.’

A set of smart spaces and concepts for younger people, YHQ started its operation in January 2014. Pursuing its mission to provide a platform for youth to discover their passion, develop their talents and work together in a creative environment. The hub runs, hosts and promotes various programs, activities and events, which aim to encourage healthy and active lifestyle as it foster personal and professional development and encourage entrepreneurship.

Programs and Events Manager of the Youth Hub Qatar, Felice Marano, said:

Youth are an endless source of talent and inspiration. Giving them a chance to develop their skills is offering me the chance to actually learn from their values, creativity and teaching…in a world where borders are falling down, where technology is playing an important role and knowledge is a central aspect of our lives I strongly believe such a workshop will offer young people the opportunity to open their mind on the importance of making a positive impact in society through the power of education.’

There are broad opportunities to support and collaborate with YHQ, especially for trainers and entrepreneurs in delivering more vigorous sessions and services for youth to develop their soft-skills. The YHQ is a home of opportunities for the younger people, a space for them to feel welcomed, express themselves, learn and develop their natural talents while networking with like-minded individuals and finding out best ways to pursue their passion and transform it into their future career.

The Empower Young Women programme will take place on 24 May 2014 starting from 4 pm to 8 pm. Interested younger females can attend the event by signing up at