Following the success of its Adult English Literacy Program, Reach Out To Asia (ROTA) announced its Adult Arabic Literacy Program (RAAL), in collaboration with Academic Bridge and Awsaj Academy.

The programme, which is sponsored by Qatar Petroleum (QP), aims to educate workers from diverse language and cultural backgrounds in the fundamental skills of modern standard Arabic, thus helping them to grow their skills outside of their daily duties and expand their professional opportunities. As one of ROTA’s flagship Youth Engagement programmes, this humanitarian programme also gives young people in Qatar a unique opportunity to grow their skills as community leaders and advocates.

Executive Director of ROTA, Essa Al Mannai, said:

The aim of RAAL is to build bridges between cultures, grow the language skills of workers, and empower volunteers to be leaders in their communities. This new humanitarian programme reaches deeper into our community, thus improving the lives of learners and teachers alike. Building on the success of ROTA’s Adult English Literacy (RAEL) Program, RAAL is an exciting expansion of the initiative…we are constantly looking for new opportunities to facilitate cross-cultural understanding, which is of primary importance in our multicultural country. It is only by building bridges of cultural communication that we will be able to promote tolerance and drive both our country – and everyone in it – to a better future.’

ROTA is a non-profit organisation launched in December 2005 in Doha, Qatar, by HE Sheikha Al Mayassa bint Hamad bin Khalifa Al Thani. Operating under the auspices of the Qatar Foundation, ROTA is committed to providing high quality and relevant primary and secondary education, encouraging relationships among communities, creating safe learning environments and restoring education in crisis affected areas across Asia and around the world.

This week, more than eight university students from Academic Bridge started a six-week programme to become Literacy Trainers for RAAL. Upon completion of the training course, the trainers will teach workers at their respective universities and organisations.

Manager for Public Relations & Communications of QP, Abdulrahman Abdulla Al Obaidly, said:

We are highly pleased to note that ROTA’s Adult Literacy Program has now been expanded to enable workers to learn the Arabic language as well…we wish the participants and their young trainers all the best as they dedicate their time and efforts for the full success of this laudable initiative.’

The training will be followed by an event in January to  showcase and celebrate the achievements of both trainers and learners.

For more information, visit ROTA’s website.