Ever wanted to go on a holiday without really going anywhere? A holiday, dear reader, that feels as if you’re in Polynesia. How about Tahiti? Well, look no further than the new Tai Friday Brunch offering from the Tahitian Village at the Hilton Doha.

Tiki Tai at Tahiti Village Hilton Doha hotel 3Anyone that needed a breather from Trader Vics (not me dear reader, I actually enjoy an element of sensory overload!) previously had to make use of what used to be a bare outdoor terrace, but still, outdoors it was and that is always something appreciated by those of us who have become acclimatised to the heat. I always love the idea of a sea breeze and an evening under the stars.

Tiki Tai at Tahiti Village Hilton Doha hotel 2Well, I am pleased to report that that area has now been reborn as the Tahitian Village and with its beautiful views over the gulf, a thatched-roof beach-hut vibe that allows the breeze to blow softly through, there’s no need to fly all the way to Polynesia because those lovely people that run Trader Vic’s have created a piece of it right here, and just for you.

Gentlemen, don your best Tahitian beach shirt, slacks and loafers, ladies your finest and coolest beach clothes, and grab the nearest taxi that will get you there by 12:30 pm on a Friday. No flip flops though please, as this is strictly smart casual but with a fun twist.

Chef Marli Pillay has set up a barbecue just inside the entrance – he knows from experience that you, dear reader, will want something to soak up the liquid brunch as well as the sunshine and the atmosphere. His barbecue offers all you want – endless juicy, beef, chicken and lamb skewers, bottomless French fries and, for those with a sweet tooth, a few desserts to cleanse the palate.

And I have to say that everyone, without exception, was in full-on party mode. The vibe is part beach club, part party, part total madness and part…well I suppose that, technically, one would have to define it a Friday brunch, just a lot less formal than anything you are used to.

Tiki Tai at Tahiti Village Hilton Doha hotel 3

The tunes created by Terence and Darren, two very accomplished singers and musicians aka ‘Mo-ana’, really kept the crowd going all afternoon. Given the combination of ingredients, it’s not very long before everyone is on their feet, either refuelling on solids at the barbeque, or bopping the afternoon away with big shiny, faces smiling in every direction at anyone and everyone! Was it really possible for three and a half hours to pass by so quickly? Answer – yes! You know you’re having a good time when you don’t look at your watch – better still, don’t wear one.Tiki Tai at Tahiti Village Hilton Doha hotel 3

Tiki Tai at Tahiti Village Hilton Doha hotel 3The chefs work in a blur to keep up with the blistering demand for kebabs. And fries. You definitely come here for good food and a good time – correction, make that a great time!

Don’t forget your QID as the license is different to that of Trader Vics – and this brunch is for adults only.

The Tai Brunch is still a new concept and I can see it easily evolving into one of those ‘must do’ places in Doha where a great crowd, a spontaneous (is every Friday at 12:30 pm spontaneous enough for you?) party atmosphere and stunning sea views all come together in one great package and make for a great afternoon.

Tell them that you read it here first!

Review by: David Moore
International man of mystery, beachcomber extraordinaire, raconteur and bon vivant.

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