Al Khalij Commercial Bank (al khaliji) PQSC, Qatar’s next generation bank, has recently celebrated its tenth anniversary during its annual staff gathering, which was held at St Regis Hotel. The event pays tribute to the remarkable efforts and dedication of the Bank’s staff and honours its outstanding achievements throughout the previous year.

This year, the gathering commemorated the numerous milestones al khaliji crossed during 2016, including the slew of awards and recognitions that it has garnered throughout the year, all of which owe to the staff’s commitment, dedication and exceptional performance, and serve as a testament to the environment of innovation, creativity and teamwork that continues to be nurtured and fostered at al khaliji.

The highly anticipated event brings employees together to enjoy a splendid dinner, discuss personal and professional growth, as well as spend quality time and exchange thoughts away from their desks.

The annual staff gathering is also an auspicious occasion to celebrate al khaliji’s 2016 awards, including being recognised for having the ‘Best Premium Bank Service’ and the ‘Best Private Bank Service’ from CPI Financials prestigious magazine, and being named 2017’s ‘Best Private Bank’ in Qatar, by the industry-leading ‘Global Finance’ magazine, among others.

The numerous awards won by the Bank over the year, are a testament to al khaliji’s commitment to providing clients with innovative products, personalised services and exceptional banking experience in Qatar, UAE and France.