Shabbir Barkat Ali, Chief Financial Officer of Al Khaliji Commercial Bank (al khaliji) PQSC attended a focus group meeting at the College of North Atlantic – Qatar (CNA-Q)in line with its commitment to play a more active role in supporting educational and social responsibility initiatives in Qatar. 

The focus group was a meeting of industry professionals tasked to analyse local labour market needs and professional trends related to the CNA-Q’s Accounting diploma programme.   

al khaliji CFO Shabbir Barkat Ali shared his expertise and experience on matters related to finance during the focus group meet. He was among the other nine professionals invited to assess the Accounting programme of the School of Business Studies at CNA-Q. The event was also attended by the Dean of Business Studies David King, and Chair of Programme Development Office Stephanie Dalton.

Barkat Ali said that the second curricular review meeting will be scheduled in a couple of months and the the revised programme incorporating everyone’s feedback will be presented to all concerned officials for a final discussion. The revised programme will then be put forward to the approving body, the Academic Council of CNA-Q.

Dean of Business Studies David King said they are pleased that esteemed industry professionals, such as Shabbir Barkat Ali, are able to attend the focus group to bring vital feedback for the improvement of their programme. He said that the ‘valuable’ feedback from industry partners help the college ensure that programmes stay responsive and tailored to Qatar’s economy.’

To keep its programmes relevant to the local market, CNA-Q critically reviews each of their diploma programme every five years. Part of this review process is to host focus groups, to which senior professionals from various sectors are invited to share their inputs and debate the current offerings of the programme.