The Ministry of Public Health (MoPH) has announced the list of authorised private medical facilities where rapid antigen test results are automatically reflected in the Ehteraz application.

According to the Ministry, individuals who test positive for COVID-19 will receive an SMS with their result status. The individuals will also receive a second SMS within 24 hours with a link to the e-Jaza portal and the Order ID enabling them to download their sick leave certificate.

The list of private medical facilities approved by the MoPH for rapid antigen tests with results linked to Ehteraz are the following:

  1. Turkish Hospital
  2. Atlas Medical Center
  3. Naseem Al Rabeeh Medical Center Doha
  4. Naseem Al Rabeeh Medical Center
  5. New Naseem Al Rabeeh Medical Center
  6. Al Esraa Polyclinic
  7. Dr Maher Abbas Polyclinic
  8. Syrian American Medical Center
  9. Future Medical Center
  10. Premium Naseem Al-Rabeeh Medical Center- Doha
  11. Apollo Polyclinic- Qatar
  12. Al Esraa Medical Center
  13. SAC Polyclinic- Qatar Mall
  14. Dr Moopen’s Aster Hospital
  15. Elite Medical Center
  16. Aster Medical Center Plus- Almuntazah
  17. Aster Medical Center- Al Khor
  18. Aster Medical Center Plus
  19. Wellcare Polyclinic
  20. Aster Medical Center (Industrial Area)
  21. Al Malakiya Clinics
  22. Al Jameel Medical Center
  23. Al Emadi Hospital Clinics-North W.L.L
  24. Al Emadi Hospital
  25. Al Kayyali Medical Center
  26. Al Tahrir Medical Center
  27. Al Fardan Medical
  28. Al Abeer Medical
  29. Allevia Medical Center
  30. Sama Medical Care
  31. Dr Khaled al Sheikh Medical
  32. Dr Mohammad Amine Zbeib
  33. Gardenia Medical Center
  34. Nova Health Care
  35. Asian Medical Health
  36. Al Ahli Hospital
  37. Al Wakra Clinics & Urgent Care Unit – Al Ahli Hospital
  38. Al Tai Medical
  39. Focus Medical Center
  40. KIMS Qatar Medical Center – Barwa City
  41. KIMS Qatar Medical Center – Al Wakra
  42. Value Medical Center
  43. Doha Clinic Hospital
  44. Magrabi Center for Eye, ENT & Dental
  45. Al Ahmadani Medical Center
  46. Dr Samia Al Namla Medical Center
  47. Al Masa Medical Center
  48. Al Hayat Medical Center
  49. Imara Medical Center
  50. Marble Medical Center
  51. Al Shami Medical Center
  52. Al Dimashqui Medical Center
  53. United Care Medical Center
  54. Al Salam Center – Ain Khalid
  55. Rayhan Medical Complex
  56. Al Salam Medical Center – Al Khaisa
  57. Al Shorook Medical Center
  58. Al Salam Medical Polyclinic Center – Muaither
  59. Al Salam Medical Polyclinic Center – Al Sayliah
  60. Dr Kholood Al Mahmoud Specialized Center
  61. Planet Medical Center
  62. Dr Sameer’s Clinic
  63. Al Hekma Medical Complex
  64. Marble Medical Center Plus
  65. Al Siraj Medical Center
  66. The International Medical Centre
  67. Barzan Medical Center
  68. Raha Medical Center
  69. Al Safa Medical Polyclinic
  70. Beauty Medical Center
  71. Parco Healthcare
  72. Al Wehda Medical Center
  73. Al Aqsa Medical Center
  74. Millenium Medical Center
  75. The International Medical Centre
  76. Hilal Premium Naseem Al Rabeeh Medical Center W.L.L
  77. Reem Medical Center
  78. Tadawi Medical Center
  79. Al Sultan Medical Center
  80. Al Amal Medical Center
  81. Al Shefa Polyclinic D Ring Road
  82. Al Shefa Polyclinic  – Al Kharaitiyat
  83. West Bay Medicare
  84. Family Medical Clinics
  85. Queen Hospital
  86. Al Zaeem Poly Clinic
  87. Feto Maternal Centre
  88. Houston American Medical Center
  89. American Hospital Clinics
  90. Qatar Foundation – Primary Health Care Center
  91. Parco Health Center – Al Shihaniya
  92. Al Mahmoud Medical Center
  93. Ocean Medical Centre
  94. Al Aziziya Medical Centre
  95. Ibtasem Medical Center
  96. Aura Aesthetic Polyclinic
  97. Avenues Dental Center
  98. Life Line Medical Centre
  99. Annab Labratories and Radiology
  100. Advance Medical Clinic
  101. Clover Clinics

The Ministry further affirmed that the results of rapid antigen tests undertaken at other private medical facilities not included in the above list will not be reflected in the Ehteraz application.

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